In Hong Kong, territorial source principle of taxation is adopted. It means that the profits that are soured in Hong Kong are taxable.

Hong Kong Corporate Tax Compliance Services

We can assist you in:

  • Completing and filing Profit Tax Returns
  • Preparing the supporting Profits Tax Computation
  • Applying for holdover of Provisional Profits Tax
  • Lodging objection against profits tax assessments
  • Dealing with the Inland Revenue Department in relation to their enquiries

China and Hong Kong Individual Tax

We can assist you in:

  • Personal tax planning reviews
  • Cross border personal tax planning
  • Completing and filing HK Employer’s Returns
  • Completing and filing HK Salaries / PRC Individual Income Tax Returns
  • Applying for personal assessment in HK
  • Applying for holdover of HK Provisional Salaries Tax
  • Lodging objection against HK salaries tax assessments
  • Dealing with the HK Inland Revenue Department / PRC Tax Bureau in relation to their enquiries
  • Estimation of taxes payables

Offshore claim

Hong Kong only imposes tax on income which is arising in or derived from Hong Kong? We can assist you in: -

  • Lodging an offshore claim with the Inland Revenue Department
  • Gathering the relevant documentary evidence to support the claim
  • Handling any potential enquiries from the Inland Revenue Department
  • Restructuring your current operations to enhance your company’s tax efficiency

Tax Depreciation Review

We can assist you in reviewing your building construction costs or a substantial renovation cost in order to maximum claims or tax deduction. 

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Health Check

We can assist you in:

  • Conducting a review on your operation by reference to the prevailing tax legislation; interpretation and practice notes of the Inland Revenue Department
  • Identifying the possible tax exposures and the remedial actions to be adopted 
  • Performing a follow up operation review
  • Advising on an appropriate and tax efficient structure (corporate and personal)
  • Establishing a systematic approach towards determination of inter company pricing and other charges
  • Advising on the set up and maintenance of a proper accounting system

Field Audit / Tax Investigation

We can assist you in: -

  • Advising on the general procedures and implication of an Inland Revenue Department tax audit
  • Minimizing disruption to your business activities during the tax audit
  • Conducting an independent review of your existing planning arrangements
  • Evaluating the implementation status of such plans
  • Identifying potential issues and problem areas
  • Assessing the position including a review of the technical arguments and mitigating factors
  • Formulating a strategy to handle the tax audit
  • Accompanying you to attend Inland Revenue Department interview and liaising with the case officer thereafter
  • Preparing and submitting the case for acceptance of the current arrangement or a settlement proposal
  • Monitoring and following up on the resolution of the case

M&A Services

We can assist you in:

  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax and financial structuring
  • Post-transaction services (for example, post-deal integration management and solutions)
  • Evaluating the manner and financing of mergers and acquisitions to maximise your tax efficiency
  • Providing tax advice on post merger restructuring and planning

Tax structuring for cross-border investments

We can advise you on how to structure cross-border trade arrangements, and inbound and outbound investments to achieve the highest tax efficiencies. 

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Corporate restructuring

We can advise you on the most favourable form of corporate structure in relation to expanding into foreign markets, identifying the location of your holding company, managing exposure to foreign taxes and duties, managing your right to available tax incentives, and optimising your company’s growth and efficiency.

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